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Food Products

Oats are not just for breakfast! La Crosse Milling's experience with custom milling oats provides you with a multitude of products to choose from. A variety of milled textures enables us to provide the product that's right for you. Whether you manufacture breakfast cereal, oat bran muffins or oatmeal cookies...we have the product for you.

Slow steamed with no additives, our natural product is a traditional favorite. Some of the largest names in the baking and snack food industries use our products. Shouldn't you?

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The Heart of the Oats
Oats provide high quality, well-balanced protein. Oat products are an excellent source of soluble fiber. Studies have shown that the 0.75g/serving of the soluble fiber found in whole oat products like oatmeal and oat bran may reduce the risk of heart disease when used as part of a low-saturated-fat, low-cholesterol diet.